Do you want to learn Importation in the easiest way?

Mini importation is one of the oil well businesses one can actually start with a very low capital and scale up higher in few months

This remain the fact as long as things are very cheap from Chinese stores, most trainers and shoes we buy here in Nigeria at 7k are sold there for less than 2k

Everyone knows this is true as thought by many masters but when started, they find it difficult to make 100% profit as expected,

Research carried out by importation experts from these two companies have shown clearly that;

👉 Buying through agents makes importation very costly to importers while agents get double profit, [they charge you for agency fee while they still negotiate the price with suppliers and get a huge discount].

👉 Inability to pay for your orders directly, results to the high cost of importation since an agent can increase the rate of yuan at any time: We noticed that the rate of Chinese currency equivalent to Nigerian naira these agents give depends on how they want to fix it and you have no choice, if you are not making direct payment by yourself. This is doubtlessly true because different agents give different Yuan rate on the same day which means they can change the price at their own will quite different from what google gives.

👉 Lack of cheap and reliable logistics company: Logistics or shipping companies have  greater impact on your importation business positively or negatively depending on their policies and cost, that’s why you need a shipping company with good policies and cheaper cost if you must succeed in the mini importation business.

👉 Inability to register on or Taobao and navigate through the website to enjoy discounts and free local shipping; The prices you see on, Taobao, or Alibaba website is cost price and not selling price depending on the quantity of a particular product you want to buy, the shipping fee is also estimated not the actual fee. However, you don’t have access to these unless you register and become part of the market to enjoy all the benefits

👉 Unable to get suppliers and manufacturers’ contacts and negotiate prices with them: These Chinese stores have many manufactures and suppliers of similar products and therefore the price is very competitive, a lot of suppliers and manufacturers in these Chinese stores are always willing to give a discount and offer free local shipping if you have access to talk to them but getting their contacts is always an obstacle for others

Having Overcome all the challenges above and becoming a successful importers,

DessyDee Imports in partnership with dHub Digital Solutions Port Harcourt announce free training for those who want to become procurement agent or may want to start up importation in a profitable way and scale up higher within few months of starting.

Here Is What You Are Going To Learn

  • How to register free with and Taobao where you will become part of the market and enjoy all the benefits.
  • Open or get a verified Alipay account and start buying directly from Chinese manufacturers and suppliers all by your self.
  • How to Chat with Chinese companies even as they don’t understand English. (using google translate).
  • How to negotiate the price of products with sellers on or Taobao.
  • How to make payment direct to Chinese Suppliers without anybody charging you for transaction fee.
  • How to navigate through like a pro, even if the site fails to translate.
  • How to get suppliers contacts and build a good and long-lasting relationship with them
  • How to use your Alipay account and procure goods for others while you collect your commission.
  • How to start your importation with little or no money (100% real)
  • Expensive mistakes one must avoid while shopping or Taobao.
  • Fast and Cheap shipping companies that can ship your goods from China to your location.


Is this training for everybody?


In as much as this training is free

it is not meant for:

  • People who have the mentality that every opportunity online is a scam but can get girlfriends and boyfriends online.
  • People who can’t make a decision but keep procrastinating all the time.
  • People who always click on every advert they see but cant apply for once.
  • Those who have too much pride and think they are above learning.
  • People who are always looking for Ponzi schemes, don’t want to work but get money.
  • People who enjoy sitting idle only complain that the government is not offering jobs.

Why are you offering such training worth thousands of naira for free, is there any hidden agenda behind?


Many entrepreneurs/businesses experienced series of setbacks last year due to covid-19/EndSars protest

And this is why the two companies in partnership have come to help.

I am a slow learner, is there any possibility that I can cope up if I join the training?


This training is online but contains videos, e-books and voice note that explains everything in clear terms, so it doesn’t really matter whether you are a newbie.

Can I see you one on one?


DessyDee Import is a team that offers one on one training on digital marketing, Website development, Mini Importation, Multi-country Importation, email marketing as well as consultations in all the fields above

Apart from the services mentioned above are there any other services we can benefit from you?


We offer nationwide e-commerce delivery services as well